3 Easy Ways to Protect Marine Life on World Oceans Day

Protect marine life on World Oceans Day by trying one (or all 3) of these quick and dirty tips! The oceans will love you forever.

Help with a cleanup

Join a local cleanup, or just grab a few plastic pieces that you happen to come across while you’re visiting the beach (you’re sure to encounter several hundred). I keep an eye out for fishing line, balloons, and plastic bags in particular! You could save a life just by removing a piece of discarded fishing line. Superhero status.

Ditch single-use plastics

By snagging a few reusable shopping bags and a coffee cup or two (and remembering to bring them with you, of course), you’ll be keeping hundreds, maybe even thousands of plastic bags and cups from entering our waterways. And, don’t forget to ask your waiter to hold off on the straw while you’re dining out — Americans alone use over 500 million every day! The straw-free movement is picking up quickly, so he/she probably won’t think you’re a crazy person. And if they do, well, hello — we’re saving the world over here.

Download the Seafood Watch app

Save yourself loads of time standing around the seafood counter awkwardly contemplating fish choices (that’s never been me, I swear) by downloading this app.  This is a really easy way to make sure you’re purchasing sustainable seafood. Just type in the name of the fish, and Voila! the app will tell you whether or not it’s a good option and why.

That was easy, am I right? It’s all about the little things we do each and every day.

Keep it up. You’re making a difference!

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